This is a sticky post for you folks on smartphones. You probably don’t want to read through a stack of dribble to find my price page. Link to the price […]

Nothing kills a move like books in large boxes. This is what a book box looks like: 12″ x 12 x 12 If you don’t want to buy boxes […]

Most of my customers are very reasonable and understand that I’m not doing errands just for gas money. However… there is the occasional response to a price quote that goes […]

The real Michael John Collins

So who is Mike Collins Man with a van, man with a plan a.k.a. …the real Michael John Collins? I am the real Michael John Collins. I even own the […]

UHaul Pods for Long Distance Moves

Long distance moves are expensive. One option that I recommend is Amtrak. Your shipment will need to be in boxes under 50 pounds with a total weight of 500 pounds. […]