Man with van: $20 base rate plus $20 per half hour or portion thereof, hour minimum, delivery only. Add $20 to base rate for moving, me helping you.

Man with van PLUS helper: $160 ninety minute max, additional hour or portion thereof, please add $60.

Actual price quote may vary based on location and difficulty. Timed rates begin on arrival at the initial pickup location. Flat rates may be used on easy jobs to keep things simple and affordable. 0

Nothing kills a move like books in large boxes. This is what a book box looks like: 12″ x 12 x 12 If you don’t want to buy boxes […]

Occasionally the response to a price quote goes something like this, “I thought the price was $40.” It’s possible. I have been known to do jobs as low as $40. […]

The real Michael John Collins

So who is Mike Collins? Is he Man with a Van, or Man with a Plan, i.e. who is …the real Michael John Collins? Wonder naught, I am the real Michael John […]

UHaul Pods for Long Distance Moves

Long distance moves are expensive. One option that I recommend is Amtrak. Your shipment will need to be in boxes under 50 pounds with a total weight of 500 pounds. […]